CASE STUDY: Polling New Orleans Post-Katrina

After the first round of primary elections in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, we were approached by the Midura Campaign to help them define a message to defeat incumbent Republican City Councilman Jay Batt. While the campaign had its hunches about the message there, given their limited resources and Batt’s tremendous war chest we needed to know whether that message was right. Read More

who we are

Myers Research | Strategic Services is a full-service public opinion research firm specializing in electing Democrats at all levels and advancing progressive causes. We provide clients with a full range of public opinion research tools as well as on-going message and communications consulting. Since the firm was founded in 2002, we have won more races for Democrats in more states across the nation than any other polling firm, Democrat or Republican.

We have also developed a unique specialization in independent issues campaigns. With our experience working in over 40 states and more than 1,000 campaigns, we have a broad understanding of political cultures and realities in most regions and states, and we work with our clients to develop a strategy that respects these realties on the ground while advancing the best interests of our clients. Some of our work over the years has included:

  • In 2008, Myers Research | Strategic Services conducted independent issues work on behalf of leading organizations like the NEA, AFSCME, the Democratic Governors Association, and Project New West, independently assisting in Barack Obama’s victory over John McCain in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico, numerous Gubernatorial and U.S. Senate contests, and 20 Congressional contests across the country. In addition, we helped Democrats gain control of two legislative Chambers, the Nevada Senate and the Ohio House.

  • Since Myers Research | Strategic Services was founded in 2002, we’ve delivered more majorities for Democrats in state legislatures around the nation than any other firm—11 chambers to date, in states as diverse as Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Washington, Nevada, Ohio and elsewhere.

  • Our client list includes every national Democratic party committee, nearly 300 Democratic officeholders at every level of government, and some of the leading progressive think tanks, labor unions, and corporations in the nation.

While our client list may be large, as a firm we pride ourselves on being a small, hands-on partner that is dedicated to our clients and their needs every step of the way.