CASE STUDY: Making College More Affordable

In 2008, Myers Research | Strategic Services conducted a first-of-its-kind study on college affordability for GotTuition.Org. a national, nonpartisan campaign directed at raising the issue of college affordability.  This multi-modal survey, consisting of over two thousand interviews in total, included both telephone and web-based interviews and oversampled current college students, recent college graduates, graduates with student loans, and parents of children in college to assess their views of the importance of a college education, their struggles to afford it, and their view of a college education in light of the current economic climate. Read More

Qualitative Research

In our quest to provide our clients with unbiased, accurate and actionable information, we use outside professional moderators to limit the introduction of interviewer bias in focus groups and to ensure that our views and our clients’ views are thoroughly investigated. Further, we construct our focus groups around demographically homogenous audiences, which promote more open and productive exchanges among participants, and we utilize like-racial moderators when conducting research among minority audiences so that participants will feel more comfortable expressing their opinions and beliefs.

We also provide our clients with ethnographic-based research products, wherein we leave the staleness of a focus group facility behind and go directly to the community and to the home of our target audience to meet respondents on their terms.  Increasingly, we find this approach the most effective for qualitative research today.

Media Testing

Campaigns are expensive, and given that the bulk of resources are spent on the airwaves or in the mailbox, we conduct focus groups, either in person or online, to evaluate paid communications and understand how to fine tune the media and direct mail to deliver the strongest impact.

We also conduct pre-tests of communications using randomized controlled experiments that specifically quantify the impact of communications and provide the ability to measure each against a control group.  This approach is effective in making sure resources are best spent in large scale communications before the actual campaign begins.

Opinion Leader Research

Myers Research | Strategic Services performs in-depth interviews for opinion leaders using professional moderators and set guides to conduct interviews with audiences that are unreachable using traditional focus groups, such as Members of Congress, key Congressional leadership staff, industry CEOs, and similar hard-to-reach audiences.