CASE STUDY: Colorado House 2004

Colorado House Democrats entered the 2004 election cycle net 11 seats away from the majority (27 Democrats, 38 Republicans) and not a single person in the country believed that Democrats had a shot at taking control of the State House. Rather national money and in-state resources were largely focused on the State Senate where Democrats trailed Republicans by just one seat. Read More

Public Affairs and Crisis Management

Myers Research | Strategic Services works to create effective messages that communicate, advance and/or defend our clients’ positions and interests that have a direct impact on public policy.  Through quantitative, qualitative, and opinion leader research, we develop a broad and deep understanding of the costs and benefits involved in an issue, rather than simply focusing on gut reactions and preconceived notions of a business or industry.  We have worked with public affairs firms, private companies, non-profit organizations, and industry coalitions on issues such as:

  • Economic development
  • Education and college affordability
  • Gaming
  • Health care insurance access and affordability
  • Expanding insurance coverage to the uninsured, particularly children
  • Renewable energy
  • Smart growth and land use
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Tax policy and selling tax increases
  • Increasing response and participation rates in advocacy and fundraising programs

Our issue work has not only involved public policy debates but also extends to corporate branding and community relations as well as helping businesses and organizations.

Often in our crisis management work we are brought in late, often after the crisis has developed, and there is little time for our clients to spend weeks in the field researching the best approach to a given situation.  In these instances we work from our depth of political experience, and our knowledge of the electorate and public attitudes, to help guide our clients through often difficult times from the outset, and quickly assemble a research approach to fit the unique situation and create timely, actionable data by which we can navigate a given crisis.