Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is President and CEO of Myers Research | Strategic Services, LLC. Myers has two decades of experience in politics and public opinion research, working on numerous elections from the local level to Presidential level, as well as assisting in message development for a broad array of institutional and corporate clients. Read More

Lauren Spangler

Lauren Spangler is a Vice President at Myers Research | Strategic Services and has worked in the field of polling for a decade. Read More

Our Approach

More often than not, campaigns, whether electing a candidate or branding a corporation, are about understanding and building a broader image and perception than they are about specific issues. Issues, rather, are the elements used to frame and inform the image and perceptions that we need to drive.

Our approach is that of thematic pollsters, believing that each data set tells a complex, often interwoven story and as pollsters it is our job to understand that story and define the clearest and most salient route for our clients to achieve their objectives. Our analysis is built on defining actionable recommendations, from isolating target audiences, be they geographic or demographic, to defining a specific and unique message that is strategically grounded in the realities of the campaign or situation that we face and which is effective in moving the key audiences.

We believe that first and foremost, a pollster needs to approach each project in a neutral tone and cannot be afraid of calling things like they see them. After all, we believe a pollster doesn’t just set the message or thematic; we believe the pollster is responsible for making sure that the campaign and its communications adhere to that message or thematic to achieve their goals. We bring to each of our clients a commitment that we will identify a message and define a path to achieve our clients’ goals, and an assurance that we will be an integral part of the communications team to ensure that our clients’ goals are met.

Our polls and our analysis are singularly centered on producing actionable data that builds a central thematic and communications plan that is centered on keeping the debate on our terrain and enticing our opponents into a debate centered on the message paradigm our clients have defined.  Generally, we begin our analysis by understanding how and why we could lose a given race or effort, and from that understanding, we develop a campaign and communications strategy that minimizes those pitfalls, yet engenders a strong contrast on key issues and debates.  We use advanced statistical analysis methods, such as multivariate regression analysis, to define specific issue perceptions and candidate attributes that correlate to the voting decision, allowing us to understand the critical debates we need to win.

What we can do for you

  • Take you or your organization’s beliefs, experiences, and attributes and help you define those into a salient message construct.
  • Identify a sound strategy and target audiences on a geographic and demographic basis.
  • Help manage your communications team to make sure that paid communications adhere to the message and are focused at the right audiences.

More often that not, we successfully help our clients achieve their goals, whether that is winning a campaign, winning a lawsuit or defining a corporation or brand.