'Pocketbook concerns' top priority for
Hispanic voters
Rocky Mountain News | 08/28/2008

By Nancy Mitchellr:The largest Hispanic voter research project that Democratic pollster Andrew Myers has ever heard of included 17 focus groups and nearly 1,800 separate interviews in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

All that work, and the result is this: The top concerns of Hispanics look pretty much like the top concerns of everyone else. Read More


Lauren Spangler, Vice President

Lauren Spangler is a Vice President at Myers Research | Strategic Services and has worked in the field of polling for a decade.  As the granddaughter of a small town Mayor, Spangler has been involved in local political campaigns since childhood and has made local campaigns her area of expertise, working for hundreds of state legislators, state legislative candidates, mayors, and city and county officials.

At Myers Research | Strategic Services, Spangler has played an integral role in helping Democrats gain control of the Iowa House, the Ohio House, and the Washington Senate as well as expanding and protecting majorities in the Washington House and the Mississippi House, even helping elect a Democrat in a 28 percent Democratic performance district in Mississippi, perhaps the lowest performing seat held by a Democrat in the nation.  Spangler has also overseen numerous statewide and Congressional independent expenditure projects as well as research for labor unions and non-profit organizations.

Spangler began her career in polling at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, working on the Domestic Political Team as an Analyst, focusing largely on state legislative survey research.  During her tenure there, Spangler worked for a variety of clients including the Michigan House and Senate Democratic Caucuses, the New Jersey House and Senate Caucuses, the Michigan Education Association, former Mayor Jim Hahn of Los Angeles, and the campaigns of Senator Mary Landrieu (Louisiana), Mark Shriver for Congress (Maryland), and Myrth York for Governor (Rhode Island). 

In 2005, Spangler served as the first Communications Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, working to build the committee’s profile, create a brand for the committee, and enhance communications between caucus directors across the country.  Spangler also worked for the DLCC developing on-the-ground, winning field programs for two critical state senate special elections in Oklahoma and Tennessee in 2003. 

Spangler is a native of Western Pennsylvania and graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and a Certificate in Business.