More often than not, campaigns, whether electing a candidate or branding a corporation, are about understanding and building a broader image and perception than they are about specific issues. Issues, rather, are the elements used to frame and inform the image and perceptions that we need to drive.

Our approach is that of thematic pollsters, believing that each data set tells a complex, often interwoven story and as pollsters it is our job to understand that story and define the clearest and most salient route for our clients to achieve their objectives. Read More

Case Studies

We are proud to have worked with a variety of organizations and corporations and more candidates for state and local office than nearly any other polling firm, Democrat or Republican. Our client list and case studies show that our experience across the United States is broad and deep and that our approach is unique to each client and circumstance.

Case Study 1: Making College More Affordable

Case Study 2: Understanding the Hispanic Vote – Building a Democratic Future

Case Study 3: Winning Control of the Ohio House

Case Study 4: Understanding the West

Case Study 5: Colorado House 2004

Case Study 6: Polling New Orleans Post-Katrina – And Getting It Right.